Sexual Assault Awareness Month Pledge

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017:Pledge
One in five women, and one in 17 men, experience sexual assault by the time they graduate from college. This is a public health issue that affects people of all gender identities and compromises the safety and well-being of the Georgia Tech community.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) takes place nationally every April to raise awareness and to educate communities on how to prevent it. We can all use our voices to change the culture to prevent sexual violence and support survivors on the Georgia Tech campus.

Please take a few minutes to share how you pledge to use your VOICE to end sexual violence on campus! We will be sharing some of these anonymous submissions with the Georgia Tech community in the year ahead.

*This graphic may help clarify areas where you can shift campus culture from one that promotes sexual violence to one that prevents it.
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Visit the VOICE website and follow #useyourVOICEGT to learn more about our SAAM events and opportunities throughout the month of April.